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Another Palestinian rocket hits Israel, the world is silent

This is an update on Wishful thinking about Hamas. Unfortunately, it did not take long for another Qassam from Hamas-run Gaza to hit Israel. So will CSMonitor’s Rafael D. Frankel eat the crow and retract his public claims that Hamas has changed? I suggest him to share it with Jimmy Carter and other wishful thinkers, malicious liars and hateful deniers.

The international media is quiet on this news, too busy excoriating Israel basing on unconfirmed allegations made by an anonymous group of former IDF soldiers. While any such claims must be properly investigated, here are real voices of Israeli soldiers: Soldiers Speak Out.


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Wishful thinking about Hamas

Today, the CSMonitor says: Hamas bends to pressure in Gaza and abroad by Rafael D. Frankel. According to the author, since “Rockets no longer fly into Israel from the Gaza Strip. And Gaza’s Islamist rulers saw their support base drop below 20 percent…”, this somehow means that Hamas “bends”.

Let’s consider an opposite idea: Hamas is having trouble exactly because of its unbending stance: none of their genocidal goals, antisemitic charter, uncompromising Jihadist stance, terrorist methods or totalitarian grip has changed a bit. Their position did not change even as little as to share power with their Fatah brothers, whose leadership still refuses to recognize Israel.

BTW, this particular “news piece” very often gets floated in the Western media. Recently, Jimmy Carter announced that now Hamas can be trusted, even though Hamas stridently rejected his pleas. Earlier, SFChron and other outlets cooked up a sudden “shift” in Hamas’ position (exposed by the ADL). It seems that each time when Hamas handlers put out the magic word, it gets uncritically accepted by the Western media as an evidence of their salvation and enlightenment.

Hamas loves Jimmy Carter
Obama’s administration seeks a way to fund Hamas
Hamas Wins Teachers Union Elections for UN Schools in Gaza
What about all the good Arabs/Muslims?

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Hamas loves Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter smiles (FOX News)

Jimmy Carter smiles (FOX News)

Carter, Targeted by Islamic Terrorists in Gaza, Calls to Remove Hamas from U.S. Terror List (FOX)

Former President Jimmy Carter will urge the Obama administration to remove Hamas from the terrorist list, FOX News has learned.

In order to show their usefulness, Hamas thugs performed a theatrical ploy, defusing a couple of roadside bombs on a path Carter’s convoy:

The boy told FOX News he saw three Palestinian men planting bombs, four of which were later found near a mound less than a mile from the Israel-Gaza border. The boy said he notified Hamas police, who detonated the bombs and took the three men into custody.

In addition to his infamous antisemitic book, Carter has the best credentials for a peacemaker: from Hamas.

“Nobody in Gaza will touch this man,” Hamas adviser Ahmed Yousef said. “He is on a noble mission. Everyone here respects him.”

2006 cartoon by Cox & Forkum

2006 cartoon by Cox & Forkum

Eldad on Carter: With Such Friends, Who Needs Enemies? (IsraelNN.com)

National Union MK Aryeh Eldad quipped about former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Monday, “With peacemakers like this, who needs enemies?” Eldad claimed Carter acts as an agent for Arab interests.

“Maybe we could understand why this is so if we remember the large amounts of money former President Carter receives from Arab sources,” Eldad said. He pointed out that Carter considers Hamas to be a legitimately elected governing power.

Ken Blackwell, an advisor to the JINSA, writes in Townhall:

Jimmy Carter, perhaps panting for another Nobel peace prize, is in the Mid-East, planning to meet with others who want to de-stabilize Israel. Hamas—the terrorist gang that controls the Gaza Strip—will roll out the red carpet for the former U.S. President.

Carter calls all Jewish settlement on the West Bank “illegal and [an] obstacle to peace. The Israelis took Carter’s advice on Gaza. They dismantled all their settlements there. They handed over the land to the Palestinians. They followed Carter’s formula of land for peace. And what did they get? Hamas control of Gaza and 6,000 Hamas missiles raining down on Israel. Some deal. Some peace. It might better be called Carter’s “Piece Plan”—handing over territory to Israel’s sworn enemies—piece by piece.

Jimmy Carter has published books and articles likening Israel’s position in the West Bank to that of the apartheid regime in South Africa. He use of apartheid is intended to de-legitimize Israel and bring its downfall—just like the anti-apartheid campaign in the `90s brought an end to the white supremacist regime in South Africa.

Yet what is Carter advocating by freezing the natural growth of Jewish settlement on the West Bank? What Carter is saying, in effect, is that Arabs should be able to continue to live in peace in Tel Aviv, but Jews—and Christians—cannot live in Jericho and Bethlehem. Who’s the real supporter of apartheid?

Carter predicts that President Obama will take the next logical step after he succeeds in freezing Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria: “In the future, I am sure, [Obama] will call for the dismantling of the settlements that exist.”

Question: If Jews cannot live in Judea and Samaria—where Jews have lived since before the Roman Empire—why should they be allowed to live in Tel Aviv? Tel Aviv was founded only in the early 1900s.

The plan to create a Judenrein—a Jew-free zone on the West Bank of the Jordan—is ultimately a plan to de-stabilize and then dismantle the Jewish state. This is not just a change from George W. Bush; it’s a change from Harry Truman!

That’s how far back U.S. support for Israel goes—right to the beginning of the Jewish state in 1948. But no more. The Obama administration will press and push, prod and peck away at Israel’s basic security needs. If Obama succeeds, Israel may not be destroyed, but she will be much weaker, much more vulnerable, much more in danger from enemies pledged to destroy her. Is that the change America wants? Is that the kind of change Americans voted for?

So maybe not all is lost with the Dems?
US: Democratic Party’s Jewish Council denounces Carter

The National Jewish Democratic Council … issued an official censure of former US President Jimmy Carter, after Fox News reported he urged US President Barack Obama to remove Hamas from the US terror-group list.

Carter’s shameless tears (YNetNews)

Jimmy Carter – The Prince of Peace? by Sherri Mandell (JPost.com BlogCentral Heart-Earned Wisdom)

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Obama’s administration seeks a way to fund Hamas

Emblem of Fatah: hand grenades and rifles on top of the map of Israel

Emblem of Fatah: hand grenades, rifles, Pal. flags and the map of Israel

Emblem of Hamas: swords, Dome of the Rock, Pal. flags and the map of Israel

Emblem of Hamas: swords, Dome of the Rock, Pal. flags and the map of Israel

If during previous US administrations terrorist groups were required to at least formally renounce terrorism by uttering the “magic” words (although Fatah still refuses to recognize Israel and has a terrorist “military wing” Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades), these days even this is not necessary: simply list your FTO under a more-or-less legitimate “roof” and start raking millions of US federal aid.

LAT reports about “minor changes” – nothing to worry about!

PLO emblem: revolutionary fires, Pal. flag and the map of Israel

Emblem of the PLO: revolutionary fires, Pal. flag and the map of Israel

The administration seeks changes that would permit aid to Palestinians even if officials backed by Hamas, which has been designated a terrorist group, become part of a unified Palestinian government.

The Palestinian group is designated by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization and under law may not receive federal aid.

But the administration has asked Congress for minor changes in U.S. law that would permit aid to continue flowing to Palestinians in the event Hamas-backed officials become part of a unified Palestinian government.

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Hamas tactics exposed

Hamas Terrorist Tactics in the Gaza Strip

And in violation of all laws of war, Haniyeh hid in hospital during Gaza op.

But instead of being investigated or condemned, they get a gentle pat on the shoulder

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Hamas was busy murdering its political rivals during Israel’s Gaza op.

Even usual Israel-bashers HRW and AFP admit that Hamas waged campaign of political murders during and after Israel’s Gaza op.

The Islamist Hamas rulers of Gaza must stop killings and torture of political rivals that have left several dozen people dead since the start of the year, Human Rights Watch said on Monday.

Since Islamist apologists try to convince us that Hamas rule represents “democracy”, should we assume that their political rivals opposed democracy? Remember War of numbers in the Israel’s Gaza op.? No doubt, they were counted as victims of “Israel’s aggression”.

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Imam who took part in Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace calls for extermination of Jews

Via IMRA: PMW Bulletin: Hamas Cleric Calls for Extermination of Jews
(includes transcript)

Bulletin Apr. 19, 2009 Palestinian Media Watch

A Hamas cleric who once participated in an international conference of “Imams and Rabbis for Peace” — whose delegates vowed to “condemn any negative representation” of each other’s religions — has wholeheartedly espoused Hamas’s racist ideology in a recent Friday sermon on Hamas TV.


My comments:
First, we should listen to what they say to their audience in Arabic, not to the West and in English.
Second, I do not think that mere “talking” will resolve all the problems, Mr. President.

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War of numbers in the Israel’s Gaza op.

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center examined the casualty numbers in the recent Gaza op.

1,166 Palestinians were killed. Most of them (709) belonged to terrorist organizations , i.e., Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and others. According to the findings, 295 non-combatant civilians were killed , among them women and children. The identity and degree of involvement of the remaining 162 Palestinians (all of them male) are unclear (IDF Spokesman’s website, March 26, 2009).

Even though Hamas consistently distorts the numbers of casualties, it is the Hamas-reported numbers that Western media propagates, rarely calling them into question and typically without specifying the source. Some details of PR employed by Hamas:

4. During Operation Cast Lead Hamas adopted the policy of concealing its own casualties to prevent morale from flagging and to reinforce the (false) impression that Israel was deliberately directing its military operations against Gazan civilians. Surfers on PALDF, Hamas’s main Internet forum, were informed that it was strictly forbidden to post the names, pictures or any identifying details about “resistance” [i.e., terrorist] operatives killed or wounded until the end of the “Israeli aggression” in the Gaza Strip 3 (see the Appendix for the text of the instructions). In some instances reports were received of unofficial (and sometimes secret) and improvised burials during the fighting.

5. The policy of hiding the real number of terrorist operative casualties and issuing false reports about the number of civilians killed has continued after Operation Cast Lead . That was manifested by the creation of a false propaganda presentation of the mass killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip (the “holocaust” claimed by pro-Hamas propaganda) and the reduction or hiding of the blow dealt to Hamas’s military infrastructure and its terrorist operatives. All of the above were aimed at serving the “victory narrative” which Hamas has been carefully constructing since the end of Operation Cast Lead.

The recent wave of demonstrations around the world showed that so many readily believe in medieval myths of bloodthirsty Jews intentionally murdering innocents. From the videos I’ve seen and from my own experience, the rallying cry “baby-killers” was very popular this season.

See also:

Elder of Ziyon reflects on an effort to identify More of those “civilians” killed in Gaza – reported by “Palestinian human rights” groups, which are ether affiliated with the Islamists or too afraid to contradict them.

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What about all the good Arabs/Muslims?

Daniel Pipes recently wrote about good Palestinians Who Helped Create Israel – those who saw the big picture and rejected Hajj Amin al-Husseini’s calls for genocidal jihad. Let’s not forget that some Palestinian Arabs saved their Jewish neighbors during the Hebron pogrom of 1929 and other massacres. Among other righteous gentiles, an Iranian diplomat in Paris Abdol Hossein Sardari saved the lives of hundreds of Jews in 1941. It is important to remember and honor these decent people.

I agree that there is a significant minority, or maybe even a majority, of genuinely good Arabs/Muslims/etc. Do they matter?

Under totalitarian regimes, a system of threats and perks is arranged and usually a vast majority of population passively goes along with the established order. Those who do not believe in an official ideology, know that it is safer to keep your thoughts to yourself. In addition to this silent majority, there are two minorities: ruling elite and dissenters.

Illustrative video: Hamas Deadly Campaign Against Suspected Collaborators (Warning: graphic violence)

Even if we assume that the most of the fine folks standing around watching are “good”: does it matter?
Conclusion: all totalitarian thugs are alike. In a despotic society, good people don’t have a say.

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Hamas Wins Teachers Union Elections for UN Schools in Gaza

How lovely. Guess who finances this: you and me.

Hamas Wins Teachers Union Elections for UN Schools in Gaza

Hamas won all 11 seats in elections for the teachers union at UNRWA schools in Gaza held Wednesday. Hamas has controlled the teachers union for the past 16 years.

Terror and the UNRWA

In 2004, former UNRWA commissioner-General Peter Hansen revealed to the Canadian Broadcasting Company that UNRWA may very well employ Hamas members. “I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll and I don’t see that as crime,” Hansen infamously stated. He further added, that “We do not do political vetting and exclude people from one persuasion as against another.”

UNRWA has employed several high profile terrorists which include top Islamic Jihad rocket maker, Awad Al-Qiq who was killed in an Israeli air strike last May 2008. Al-Qiq was the headmaster and science instructor at an UNRWA school in Rafah, Gaza. Another terrorist, Hamas’s interior minister and head of the Executive Force, Said Siyam, was a teacher for over two decades in UNRWA schools.

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