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Plausible deniability?

Remember recent photos of a hateful retard holding sign “DEATH TO ALL JUICE”? Unfortunately, it is not as funny as it may seem.

On Campus Anti-Semitism, Pro-Terrorism by Joe Kaufman

The Muslim Students Association (MSA), the extremist group which began as an American component of the violent Muslim Brotherhood (MB), once again has found itself sponsoring anti-Semite and terrorist supporter Abdul Malik Ali. The event is taking place this weekend, from the 10th through the 12th, at the University of California, Riverside (UCR).

In February 2004 at UC-Irvine (UCI), Ali declared that Israelis staged the September 11th attacks “to give an excuse to wage war against Muslims around the world.” In March 2006 at UC-Santa Cruz, he referred to the U.S., Britain and Israel as an “axis of evil.” In May 2006 at UCI, he praised Hamas and Hezbollah, whilst warning Israel, “We will fight you until we are either martyred or we are victorious.”

In October 2006 at UCI, he again threatened Israel, stating, “If history is any indication, there’ll be peace when you’re gone and we are in control again.” In May 2007 at UCI, he described Hamas as “freedom fighters, not terrorists,” Hezbollah as “people with a higher moral character,” and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as “a nice guy” and “an honorable person.” All this, while calling for the destruction of Israel.

In addition to the offending speaker, much of the blame for these outrageous statements must be shouldered by the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the group who continues to organize these events.

… it was the MSA who was guilty of bringing Taliban senior advisor to Mullah Omar, Syed Rahmatullah Hashimi, to the University of Southern California (USC) to speak in March 2001. It was the MSA who was recently responsible for using a USC website to propagate Islamic religious statements calling for the murder of Jews. And it was the MSA at UC-Los Angeles (UCLA) who referred to Osama bin Laden, in its July 1999 edition of its publication Al-Talib, as a “freedom fighter,” “philanthropist” and “great Mujahid.”

In addition to Ali, also featured as a speaker at this weekend’s event will be the Civil Rights Coordinator of the Los Angeles office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Los Angeles), Affad Shaikh. Like his ‘keynote’ speaking counterpart, Shaikh has a history of antagonism against Jews, Israel and the United States.

In December 2008, Shaikh posted onto a blog, which he is affiliated with, a picture of an individual holding a sign with the words, “DEATH TO ALL JUICE” [read JUICE meaning JEWS]. This, whilst in the same post, he demeaned Israel and stated that Muslim groups should end their full participation in interfaith gatherings with Jews…

Ultimately it is the schools themselves who allow this environment of hate to enter their institutions and who provide absolutely no accountability towards violence-inducing infractions committed by their radical Muslim students.

However, who is there to hold the schools accountable?


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Power grid attack: a real scare or a movie plot?

On top of the current U.S. domestic troubles (economy/finances/real estate/job market/environment/health care/social security, etc) and the international situation looking increasingly serious, what else could possibly go bad?

Bruce Schneier discusses the latest scare: U.S. Power Grid Hacked, Everyone Panic!

Cyberspies have penetrated the U.S. electrical grid and left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system…The spies came from China, Russia and other countries… The intruders haven’t sought to damage the power grid or other key infrastructure, but officials warned they could try during a crisis or war.

This reminds me another recent one: Deadly Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons Going Portable

Are these threats real, or our society is becoming increasingly paranoid? Maybe it’s just a coping mechanism during hard times… In any case, “follow the money” is always a good principle. As Schneier puts it:

I don’t know what’s going on; maybe it’s just budget season and someone is jockeying for a bigger slice.

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In the Middle East, unconditional concessions signal weakness

Am Thinker has a good article: Obama’s Faustian Bargain by Mark Silverberg

As Barry Rubin of the Global Research in International Affairs Center in Israel wrote recently: “In the Middle East, it is not so useful to think yourself popular and show yourself to be friendly. You have to inspire fear in your enemies and confidence in your friends. And if you don’t inspire fear in your enemies – if you’re too nice to them – then you will indeed foment fear among your friends.” That is because the culture of the modern Arab/Persian world has not descended from the Reformation, the Enlightenment, John Locke, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, but from radical jihadi Salafists like Ibn Tamiya in the 15th century and Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab (Wahhabism) in the 18th century whose descendants now seek to return Islam and the world back to the Dark Ages.

From Day 1, Obama’s stated intention has been to engage diplomatically rather than to confront militarily state sponsors of terror and weapons of mass destruction proliferators like Iran and Syria. However, as he launches his reconciliation effort in the Muslim/Persian world, he had best understand from the outset that non-democratic governments like Syria, and jihadist regimes like Iran as well as non-state Islamic actors like Hezbollah and Hamas move to the beat of a different drum. They do not perceive such overtures as we do. These regimes do not share our Western visions of democratization, globalization, religious tolerance and freedom.

They do, however, have their own vision, and the price they will exact from Obama will be in furtherance of that vision which is to humiliate us, drive us from the Middle East, expunge all Western influence from the region, and “export” Islamic terrorism throughout the world as a precondition to subjugating billions of infidels to Sharia law. That is their vision, and they have proven to be far more effective in “exporting” it over the past three decades than we have been in exporting ours. If we are to “reconcile” with regimes such as these, they will exact a high price for their “cooperation” and it will be based on their vision. …

Skipping (probably most important) paragraphs concerning Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, Gaza, etc.

These are the initial costs of the Faustian bargain the Iranian mullahs will extract from the US administration. So Mr. President, here’s some advice for whatever it may be worth:

You are dealing with an apocalyptic Islamic regime in Tehran whose sole mission is to humiliate the US wherever and whenever possible, expel it from the Middle East and establish Iranian hegemony over the entire region. As you begin pressuring Israel to cede its security, turn Lebanon over to Hezbollah and the Syrians, and begin turning away from our other allies in the Middle East in furtherance of this grand bargain, remember this: the price our enemies are exacting for their “cooperation” is costing us our allies, our credibility, our influence, and will eventually cost us our freedom. Is it really worth the price?

The highlight is mine. Read the whole article. It’s painful to see the the same lesson being repeated over and over, but I am afraid it’ll have to get worse before it gets better.

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More calls to reform UNRWA

Rotten UNRWA practices seem to attract more attention:

A good piece by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Wash. Times: Cut off Relief Agency. UNRWA backed U.S. foes for years

For six decades, the United States has voluntarily contributed billions of dollars to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which was created strictly to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees. In return for our generous investment, UNRWA subverts our laws, aids violent Islamist extremists, propagandizes against our ally Israel and in favor of Hamas, and works with banks targeted by the United States for money laundering and terrorist financing.

As our nation faces growing economic challenges, Congress must cut off funding to UNRWA and use our foreign aid to advance, rather than undermine, American interests and values.

As a recent report by UNRWA’s former general counsel concluded, the agency has continually failed to properly vet staff members and humanitarian aid recipients for ties to foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs). UNRWA does not ask personnel or aid recipients if they are members of FTOs, and it screens staff names through a U.N. list that does not include members of Hamas, Fatah’s al-Aqsa Brigades or other groups Palestinian extremists would be most likely to join.

UNRWA Commissioner-General Karen AbuZayd has stated that the agency does not consider those groups to be of concern. Her predecessor, Peter Hansen, proclaimed in 2004, “I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll and I don’t see that as a crime.” A number of UNRWA staffers were discovered to be members of FTOs – Awad al-Qiq, a now-deceased rocket-builder, even served as headmaster of a UNRWA school.

UNRWA, where is the money going?
HT: Living with Rockets

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Good luck, Mr. President. Seriously.

Obama Will Be Judged on Outcome in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Judith Miller

Max Boot, a conservative analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations, concluded that President Obama’s strategy was “pretty much all that supporters of the war effort could have asked for, and probably pretty similar to what a President McCain would have decided on.” James S. Robbins, a former Pentagon official with the American Foreign Policy Council in Washington, noted that the Obama strategy was remarkably similar to what former President Bush had proposed in 2004. … Team Obama also chose not to clarify how they will reconcile the sometimes contradictory goals Obama endorsed with the realities of the region. For instance, how will they reconcile their determination to work closely with Pakistan with their knowledge that elements in the Pakistani security services are aiding and abetting the Taliban inside Afghanistan?

The emphasis is mine.
Meanwhile, Pakistan is busy putting forward UN resolutions stifling criticism of One True Religion.

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Interview with Robert Baer

Audio: interesting interview with Robert Baer, the author of the book See No Evil that the movie Syriana is based on. I don’t always agree with him, but what do I know… BTW, if you liked the movie, I highly recommend the book: it’s much better.

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Pro-Palestinian vs. anti-Israel (US campus redux)

On Campus: The Pro-Palestinians’ Real Agenda

Khaled Abu Toameh, a brilliant Palestinian journalist, was surprised at the intensity of anti-Israel feelings on some US campuses: “Listening to some students and professors on these campuses, for a moment I thought I was sitting opposite a Hamas spokesman or a would-be-suicide bomber.”

I was told, for instance, that Israel has no right to exist, that Israel’s “apartheid system” is worse than the one that existed in South Africa and that Operation Cast Lead was launched only because Hamas was beginning to show signs that it was interested in making peace and not because of the rockets that the Islamic movement was launching at Israeli communities.

I was also told that top Fatah operative Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life terms in prison for masterminding terror attacks against Israeli civilians, was thrown behind bars simply because he was trying to promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

What struck me more than anything else was the fact that many of the people I met on the campuses supported Hamas and believed that it had the right to “resist the occupation” even if that meant blowing up children and women on a bus in downtown Jerusalem.

Here’s the personality type, sounds familiar?

The good news is that these remarks were made only by a minority of people on the campuses who describe themselves as “pro-Palestinian,” although the overwhelming majority of them are not Palestinians or even Arabs or Muslims.

The bad news is that these groups of hard-line activists/thugs are trying to intimidate anyone who dares to say something that they don’t like to hear.

When the self-designated “pro-Palestinian” lobbyists are unable to challenge the facts presented by a speaker, they resort to verbal abuse.

He definitely has a point, my emphasis here:

The so-called pro-Palestinian “junta” on the campuses has nothing to offer other than hatred and de-legitimization of Israel. If these folks really cared about the Palestinians, they would be campaigning for good government and for the promotion of values of democracy and freedom in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Their hatred for Israel and what it stands for has blinded them to a point where they no longer care about the real interests of the Palestinians, namely the need to end the anarchy and lawlessness, and to dismantle all the armed gangs that are responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent Palestinians over the past few years.

The majority of these activists openly admit that they have never visited Israel or the Palestinian territories. They don’t know -and don’t want to know – that Jews and Arabs here are still doing business together and studying together and meeting with each other on a daily basis because they are destined to live together in this part of the world. They don’t want to hear that despite all the problems life continues and that ordinary Arab and Jewish parents who wake up in the morning just want to send their children to school and go to work before returning home safely and happily.

What is happening on the U.S. campuses is not about supporting the Palestinians as much as it is about promoting hatred for the Jewish state. It is not really about ending the “occupation” as much as it is about ending the existence of Israel.

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UNRWA: reform or abolish

I always thought that the key to resolving the conflict is education:

UNRWA has provided an internationally-funded system of schools and social services for the 1948 Palestinian refugees and their descendants for the past 60 years. But its humanitarian mission has been compromised, according to
accumulating evidence. Too often, its social services and schools
incite hatred for Israel and Jews and glorify terrorists. Many refugee
camps are terrorism centers. Confirmed terrorists are on UNRWA’s
payroll. US taxpayers have funded over one-fourth of UNRWA’s budget
since its founding in 1949.

Roz Rothstein, International Director of StandWithUs:

“UNRWA has been a major obstacle to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict. Since UNRWA runs refugee schools, it could have been teaching peace all these years.
Just the reverse has been true. We have been paying for hate education.
Rep. Rothman has been a leader in the effort to reform the Agency, and
his bill is one vital step in ending this misuse of our taxpayer money,
abuse of Palestinian children, and perversion of American values,”

UPDATE: Action Alert

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I wish more Jews were as brave, clear-thinking and outspoken as this Bedouin

Lost in the blur of slogans

Ishmael Khaldi is deputy consul general of Israel for the Pacific Northwest. He happens to be a Bedouin. Here he speaks out against the Israel Apartheid Week on campuses: 

For those who haven’t heard, the first week in March has been designated as Israel Apartheid Week by activists who are either ill intentioned or misinformed. …

So, I would like to share the following with organizers of Israel Apartheid week, for those of them who are open to dialogue and not blinded by a hateful ideology:

You are part of the problem, not part of the solution: If you are really idealistic and committed to a better world, stop with the false rhetoric. We need moderate people to come together in good faith to help find the path to relieve the human suffering on both sides of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Vilification and false labeling is a blind alley that is unjust and takes us nowhere.

You deny Israel the fundamental right of every society to defend itself: You condemn Israel for building a security barrier to protect its citizens from suicide bombers and for striking at buildings from which missiles are launched at its cities – but you never offer an alternative. Aren’t you practicing yourself a deep form of racism by denying an entire society the right to defend itself?

Your criticism is willfully hypocritical: Do Israel’s Arab citizens suffer from disadvantage? You better believe it. Do African Americans 10 minutes from the Berkeley campus suffer from disadvantage – you better believe it, too. So should we launch a Berkeley Apartheid Week, or should we seek real ways to better our societies and make opportunity more available.

You are betraying the moderate Muslims and Jews who are working to achieve peace: Your radicalism is undermining the forces for peace in Israel and in the Palestinian territories. We are working hard to move toward a peace agreement that recognizes the legitimate rights of both Israel and the Palestinian people, and you are tearing down by falsely vilifying one side.

To the organizers of Israel Apartheid Week I would like to say:

If Israel were an apartheid state, I would not have been appointed here, nor would I have chosen to take upon myself this duty. There are many Arabs, both within Israel and in the Palestinian territories who have taken great courage to walk the path of peace. You should stand with us, rather than against us.

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