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Another Palestinian rocket hits Israel, the world is silent

This is an update on Wishful thinking about Hamas. Unfortunately, it did not take long for another Qassam from Hamas-run Gaza to hit Israel. So will CSMonitor’s Rafael D. Frankel eat the crow and retract his public claims that Hamas has changed? I suggest him to share it with Jimmy Carter and other wishful thinkers, malicious liars and hateful deniers.

The international media is quiet on this news, too busy excoriating Israel basing on unconfirmed allegations made by an anonymous group of former IDF soldiers. While any such claims must be properly investigated, here are real voices of Israeli soldiers: Soldiers Speak Out.


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Remember those noisy protests against Israel’s Gaza Op?

Remember waves of raging hatred that spilled on the streets around the globe a couple of months ago?
Worldwide protests staged against Israel’s offensive in Gaza
Global protests condemn Gaza war
The Intifada is globalized as the Gaza War becomes a world war

Here’s a recent piece of news about a similar, but much more brutal, operation in Sri Lanka:
Sri Lanka presses offensive against rebels: “attack on a makeshift hospital … killed 64 patients and bystanders Saturday.”

A terrible tragedy… but where are the protests? Where’s the raging hate? Where are calls to dismantle Sri Lanka?

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BBC editor hired to correct anti-Israel bias was found to be perpetrating it

Back from the USSR, I perceived the BBC radio as a voice of freedom. These days I find it deeply disappointing because at least in one respect – its coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict – the Beeb is nauseatingly biased against Israel. Today the Editorial Standards Committee of the BBC Trust admitted bias.

Jonathan Hoffman, co-Vice Chair of the UK Zionist Federation guest posts at Z-Word:

The BBC is a unique institution. It is the largest broadcasting organisation on the planet (with an annual operating expenditure over £4 billion) and it is a public service broadcaster. The former gives it tremendous power.

The combination of size with 100% public ownership means that the BBC has very clear Editorial Guidelines.

They state: “The BBC’s commitment to accuracy is a core editorial value and fundamental to our reputation… Impartiality lies at the heart of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences.“

In November 2003 in response to criticism (from both sides) about its Middle East coverage, the BBC appointed Malcolm Balen as Senior Editorial Adviser on the Middle East.

He wrote a long Report which was supposed to be internal. Reportedly it found anti-Israel bias.

Since then, the BBC  spent hundreds of thousands of B. pounds of taxpayer money on a long legal battle against making it public. This is especially hypocritical because the BBC frequently uses the Freedom of Information Act for its own reporting.

Also in response to criticism the BBC appointed its first Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen.

What happened today was the publication of a landmark decision. The highest level of the BBC’s complaints-handling structure – the Editorial Standards Committee of the BBC Trust – has ruled that Jeremy Bowen breached both the guideline on accuracy and that on impartiality.

Read the whole post, and CAMERA (which made the complaint) promises more details.

It is not easy to distinguish the cause and effect here, but it is no surprise that UK is European center of anti-Semitism.

Of course it will take much more than this to correct the problem, but today’s step is in the right direction.

JPost’s article Complaints of BBC bias partially upheld says in part:

However, the Trust’s ruling contains no sanction, and a BBC spokesman played down its significance. In respect to one of the findings, the spokesman said that Bowen had merely been “exercising his professional judgment on history.”

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Excellent speech by Avigdor Lieberman and biased media

As always, Daniel Pipes’ analysis is apt and timely:
Avigdor Lieberman’s Brilliant Debut

World priorities: These must change. The free world must focus on defeating the countries, forces, and extremist entities “that are trying to violate it.” The real problems are coming from “the direction of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq” – and not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I will never agree to our waiving all the clauses – I believe there are 48 of them – and going directly to the last clause, negotiations on a permanent settlement. No. These concessions do not achieve anything. We will adhere to it to the letter, exactly as written. Clauses one, two, three, four – dismantling terrorist organizations, establishing an effective government, making a profound constitutional change in the Palestinian Authority. We will proceed exactly according to the clauses. We are also obligated to implement what is required of us in each clause, but so is the other side. They must implement the document in full.

We are also losing ground every day in public opinion. Does anyone think that concessions, and constantly saying “I am prepared to concede,” and using the word “peace” will lead to anything? No, that will just invite pressure, and more and more wars. “Si vis pacem, para bellum” – if you want peace, prepare for war, be strong.

Pipes notes LAT’s ridiculous headline: Foreign minister says Israel not bound to follow two-state path

Contrary to the facts they are covering, but even this is not the worst.

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What’s behind overwhelming anti-Israel bias in the UK media

Melanie Phillips reveals the reason of overwhelming anti-Israel bias in the British media: The real lobby and its acolytes

Well now Arab Media Watch lifts a curtain to show us the real lobby at work. It boasts:

Some 200 guests gathered at Kensington’s Royal Garden Hotel on 21 March 2009 to attend Arab Media Watch’s fifth annual fundraising dinner, and to mark its ninth anniversary. Among the guests were almost three-dozen senior journalists from the BBC, Al Jazeera English, Financial Times, Reuters, Daily Mail, Independent, Asharq Al Awsat, Al Quds Al Arabi, Al Hayat and others.

The evening began with a welcome speech by AMW chairman Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi, who outlined the extensive work done by the organisation during and since Israel’s invasion of Gaza, including:

– forcing the media to correct factual errors
– meeting with editors and journalists
– providing them with information
– being interviewed by them or arranging interviews for them
– getting letters and articles published
– being quoted and cited in articles
– publishing studies, press releases and Action Alerts
– organising and speaking at events
– helping university students and researchers

‘All this was done,’ Nashashibi reminded the audience, ‘while continuing our work on media portrayals of the entire Arab world, a huge but vital task undertaken on a budget that’s dwarfed by that of the pro-Israel lobbies.’ He added: ‘We’ve proven the sceptics wrong for the last nine years, establishing ourselves as a credible, professional, dynamic organisation with the recognition, respect and support of much of the British media, and high-level contacts in every news organisation…AMW is making a considerable and invaluable difference, and wants to continue doing so.’

Here are some of the ‘factual errors’ that on its website AMW has tried to correct:

* The ‘myth that Hamas is out to destroy Israel’
* The ‘myth that Palestinian rockets are a grave threat to Israeli civilians’
* The ‘myth that five Arab armies tried to wipe out Israel in 1948: ‘Strictly speaking, therefore, the Arab states did not launch a war against Israel, but undertook an armed intervention which was both lawful and justified.’

On and on its goes, lie after smear after brazen lie.

Read the whole thing, it explains a lot.
Let’s remember this the next time we hear them lament about “all-powerful Israeli lobby”.

HT: LGF via IsraelMatzav

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