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Muslim reaction: we don’t need to do anything but watch as US pushes Israel

I happened to catch a fragment of today’s PBS NewsHour and the reaction of some Muslim talking heads to today’s Obama’s speech was so off-the-wall that I found a transcript. Obama’s Speech Could Mark Shift in U.S.-Muslim Relations:

JUDY WOODRUFF: There’s so much to chew over here. Let me finally come back to you, Abderrahim Foukara, here in Washington. What do we look for next after this speech, to know whether there was any meaningful effect from it?

ABDERRAHIM FOUKARA: First of all, can I just quickly say one thing that will definitely rub people the wrong way in the region is the fact that he talked about Palestinians killing Israelis, but he didn’t talk a lot about Israelis killing Palestinians, especially in the context of the latest Israeli war on Gaza?

Now, he’s on the record as saying that he wants the Israelis to deal with the settlement issues. The Israelis have said no. And faced with that, the administration has clearly said, Look, this is just the beginning of the conversation. It’s not the end of it.

And I think, if there’s any progress or benchmark for progress, it’s going to be what he can do to force the Israeli government to do what he says he wants the Israelis to do with regard to the creation of a Palestinian state.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And on the Muslim side?

ABDERRAHIM FOUKARA: On the Muslim side, he said some very positive things in terms of the divisions that exist…

JUDY WOODRUFF: I mean, what has to happen? What do we look for as a sign that this speech has had some effect?

ABDERRAHIM FOUKARA: Well, that’s really the crux of it. It’s, let’s be frank. What Arabs and Muslims want progress on is the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Now, if the Muslims and Arabs can coalesce in a way that actually helped him push the Israelis and translate his vision and translate Palestinian aspirations into a state, that’s the way you judge it, I think.

The emphasis is mine. Unfortunately, this is typical and it seems to be considered a balanced approach to the "peace process" these days: you give and we take. From one side, Israelis are pushed and from another, Israelis are pulled. Arabs/Muslims don’t have any obligations anymore, their role is to complain, throw tantrums, give ultimatums, then "coalesce" and watch. Oh, and support the "resistance". I wonder why the Western media is rife with apologists for Islamic radicalism: are the news sources/channels so clueless and lazy, or so hungry for anything sensationalist (hey, it brings audiences), or maybe the proverbial Muslim moderates are "moderate" only until they start talking?

In the Middle East, unconditional concessions signal weakness


June 4, 2009 - Posted by | Arab-Israeli Conflict

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