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Mahmoud Abbas: “In the West Bank We Have a Good Reality… We are Having a Good Life.”

Marty Peretz blogs in The Spine:

Who said this?

Mahmoud Abbas, The Putative President of Putative Palestine. Then what’s the rush?  And what’s the panic?  The negotiations that President Obama is trying to broker between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is really and mostly about the West Bank.  Gaza is completely removed from the equation because it is in the bloody hands of Hamas which the Israelis justifiably won’t touch and even this extra-conciliatory administration doesn’t have the heart to push.  Maybe Pakistan will make a sort of peace with the Taliban. But don’t get any ideas about Israel and Hamas.

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Finally, good news from the West Bank! Indeed, in a few short words, the head of the Palestinian Autonomy have caught all wanna-be-Palestinian-state-builders, together with Israel-bashers a-la Jimmy Carter, in a trap. Let’s see how they weasel themselves out, or keep repeating the old mantra of "brutal Israeli oppression", which seems quite impossible to reconcile with his "We are having a good life." Of course, this "good life" is a result of Israel’s security measures and Western aid.

Daniel Pipes in FPM: “In the Obama Administration … It’s Easy Being Palestinian”
Barry Rubin: Abbas Seizes Opportunity to Throw Away Opportunity


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