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Chain-letter calls for internet polls

It seems that we are being inundated again with “important” invitations to “vote” on some little known websites. These chain-letters are making rounds. It may feel good at the moment, but before being sucked in, consider this: at best, these “polls” are a waste of time, at worst they may be harmful.

1. Such websites are often attacked by hacker activists. Even without hackery, the numbers are meaningless because one person can vote a number of times from a number of computers, which are easy to find these days. One thing to keep in mind is that these websites are interested solely in popularity and have no reason to care for accuracy.

2. Even if the numbers were correct, they affect nothing. Do we really need internet polls to know that we have a lot of enemies?

3. Be careful where you click. Here’s one recent example: Online Fraudsters Prey Upon the Media and Public Interest in Current Events to Launch “Cease-Fire Trojan Attack”

So, what to do?
Instead of venting, it is much more effective to write to media editors and public officials


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