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Vladimir Bukovsky on Obama – redux

If you don’t know who Vladimir Bukovsky is, follow links at Vladimir Bukovsky on Obama’s foreign policy blunders. Today, FrontPageMag has an interview with V.B. entitled The Kremlin’s Obama Gambit
I’ll quote only a few lines here, read the whole thing.

So let me begin with this question Mr.Bukovsky: Will Putin be able to do the same with Obama as he did with Bush?

Vladimir Bukovsky: It will be much easier for Putin to do it with Obama, because the leftist politicians love Russia and immediately yield to it. I am sure that now the Kremlin psychologists are creating a psychological portrait of Obama in order to find the key to him. The Americans have forgotten that KGB officers are ruling today’s Russia. And the KGB officers do not accept relations of partnership. They recognize you only either as a collaborator or as an enemy.

Preobrazhensky: And in terms of the evidence before us, how do you see Russian-American relations ensuing under Obama?

Bukovsky: As it stands now, and if there is no drastic rethinking and reformulating, a chain of endless concessions by America.


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