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War of numbers in the Israel’s Gaza op.

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center examined the casualty numbers in the recent Gaza op.

1,166 Palestinians were killed. Most of them (709) belonged to terrorist organizations , i.e., Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and others. According to the findings, 295 non-combatant civilians were killed , among them women and children. The identity and degree of involvement of the remaining 162 Palestinians (all of them male) are unclear (IDF Spokesman’s website, March 26, 2009).

Even though Hamas consistently distorts the numbers of casualties, it is the Hamas-reported numbers that Western media propagates, rarely calling them into question and typically without specifying the source. Some details of PR employed by Hamas:

4. During Operation Cast Lead Hamas adopted the policy of concealing its own casualties to prevent morale from flagging and to reinforce the (false) impression that Israel was deliberately directing its military operations against Gazan civilians. Surfers on PALDF, Hamas’s main Internet forum, were informed that it was strictly forbidden to post the names, pictures or any identifying details about “resistance” [i.e., terrorist] operatives killed or wounded until the end of the “Israeli aggression” in the Gaza Strip 3 (see the Appendix for the text of the instructions). In some instances reports were received of unofficial (and sometimes secret) and improvised burials during the fighting.

5. The policy of hiding the real number of terrorist operative casualties and issuing false reports about the number of civilians killed has continued after Operation Cast Lead . That was manifested by the creation of a false propaganda presentation of the mass killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip (the “holocaust” claimed by pro-Hamas propaganda) and the reduction or hiding of the blow dealt to Hamas’s military infrastructure and its terrorist operatives. All of the above were aimed at serving the “victory narrative” which Hamas has been carefully constructing since the end of Operation Cast Lead.

The recent wave of demonstrations around the world showed that so many readily believe in medieval myths of bloodthirsty Jews intentionally murdering innocents. From the videos I’ve seen and from my own experience, the rallying cry “baby-killers” was very popular this season.

See also:

Elder of Ziyon reflects on an effort to identify More of those “civilians” killed in Gaza – reported by “Palestinian human rights” groups, which are ether affiliated with the Islamists or too afraid to contradict them.


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