Trying to make sense of a meshuga planet

Good luck, Mr. President. Seriously.

Obama Will Be Judged on Outcome in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Judith Miller

Max Boot, a conservative analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations, concluded that President Obama’s strategy was “pretty much all that supporters of the war effort could have asked for, and probably pretty similar to what a President McCain would have decided on.” James S. Robbins, a former Pentagon official with the American Foreign Policy Council in Washington, noted that the Obama strategy was remarkably similar to what former President Bush had proposed in 2004. … Team Obama also chose not to clarify how they will reconcile the sometimes contradictory goals Obama endorsed with the realities of the region. For instance, how will they reconcile their determination to work closely with Pakistan with their knowledge that elements in the Pakistani security services are aiding and abetting the Taliban inside Afghanistan?

The emphasis is mine.
Meanwhile, Pakistan is busy putting forward UN resolutions stifling criticism of One True Religion.


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